Book Synopsis: Heart of Desire

Stella Resnick wonderfully dissects sexual relationship problems in Heart of Desire: Keys to the Pleasures of Love. Although the book’s title is cheesy, Resnick offers insight based on research and clinical experience with couples. Resnick identifies variations of the love-lust dilemma–difficulty in maintaining a playful, pleasurable sexuality with a partner once they become family. She identifies family and sociocultural projections that contribute to the love-lust dilemma and guides readers through exercises to reconnect body and mind.

Trauma and Avoidance

Trauma often disrupts or prevents otherwise healthy relationships. One way to conceptualize this effect is through Attachment Theory, specifically the avoidant attachment style. People with avoidant attachment may provide vague descriptions of past events, idealize a person in a previous context, dismiss many problems, devalue intimacy, and over-emphasize self-reliance. With such clients, the therapist’s first task is to develop a safe relationship where a client can tolerate connection, exposure, and vulnerability. When a person experiences this vulnerability within a secure connection, he or she has a corrective emotional experience and may enhance other safe relationships.

Brain-Gut Connection

The mind-body connection has become a prominent discussion. The microbiome has been less discussed. However, it has interesting mental health implications. Scientists published evidence that microorganisms in our gut may correspond to mood and nervous system problems–including anxiety, depression, and mania. Here are two media clips that summarize some of the recent research. The first clip is a short and sweet summary, 8.5 minutes. The second clip, 23 minutes, is an interview with two medical researchers.

Ask Amy

If you enjoy advice columns or processing life conundrums, you may enjoy the Ask Amy series on youtube. Amy Poehler created a series of short videos with titles like: Apologies, Courage, Negativity, and Friendship. Obviously, the information won’t fit every situation–but I hope you get some new ideas or laughs.

Ask Amy