Sex Therapy topics (I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and have special training in these areas):

  • sexual identity and behavior
  • desire discrepancy (one partner has a higher “sex drive” than another partner)
  • sexual abuse and trauma
  • childhood sexual experiences
  • low sexual desire
  • pornography concerns
  • sexual fantasy questions, concerns & healthy integration
  • erectile disorder
  • female genital pain
  • early ejaculation
  • delayed ejaculation
  • lack of female orgasm/female orgasm distress
  • transgender-affirmative counseling
  • gender dysphoria
  • gender non-conforming concerns & stressors
  • gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, questioning concerns & stressors
  • infidelity, affairs, cheating–facilitating integrity and trauma recovery
  • assessment of underlying mental health concerns regarding out-of-control sexual behavior, sometimes referred to as “Sexual Addiction”
  • nontraditional relationship dynamics: consensual non-monogamy, swinging, polyamory, open relationships
  • sexual harassment
  • personalized sexual health plans

Two people facing a similar problem may heal differently. Accordingly, a large part of my job is helping clients discern their own experiences and resources while offering additional options and context.

My primary professional influences are:

  • various sexual health educators and clinicians
  • Interpersonal Process Approach (a model that integrates dynamic,  attachment, and family systems theories) described by Edward Teyber
  • Narrative Therapy community

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