Not Accepting New Clients

Unfortunately, I’m not able to accept new clients and am closing my waitlist. In order to honor established relationships, I may resume meetings with previously established clients upon request.

Available Openings with Supervisee

While my practice has a waitlist, you may want to meet with one of my supervisees: Brooke Seiz at . I supervise Brooke’s counseling work. She has a masters degree in Counseling & Guidance and specializes in couples relationship therapy. She’s also certified in functional medicine and board certified in holistic medicine, which she also teaches. I don’t supervise Brooke’s medical/nutritional counseling practice but I can attest she’s a good couples’ psychotherapist!

Telehealth Update

I’m continuing to host therapy meetings by web conference; I’m not planning a return to in-office sessions. Meetings are held by a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom or I can use (also free to clients and HIPAA-compliant).

Closing Lawrence Office

I am closing my Lawrence office as of December 15th, 2017 and am working full-time at my Overland Park location. Current Lawrence clients have been notified. Previous Lawrence clients are welcome to meet me in Overland Park and/or obtain referrals to additional therapy services.

Celebrating 5 Years

My counseling business just turned 5 years old! In this time, I have connected with hundreds of clients; upgraded my licensure; taught several college courses; and continued my education.